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Tree Planting

Committed to preserving picturesque greenery and landscapes in the Idaho Falls region for many years, Grover Landscape & Design knows how and where to plant a single tree or a series of them to create an attractive effect on your commercial or residential Idaho Falls property.

Professional tree planting is more than just digging a hole in the ground and dropping in a sapling – with our experience and expertise, we can give your trees the best possible start. If you want your trees to have a long healthy life so they can enhance your property for years to come, call Grover Landscape & Design today to inquire about our tree planting services.

We are here to help you out if you need tree planting guidance. We offer our tree planting expertise at the best rates available in the local area. If you are curious about what Grover Landscape & Design has to say about your tree situation, please get in touch with our team today, and we will be glad to help you out.

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Trees Boost Curbside Appearance

There is nothing quite like a beautiful blooming tree to make your property look better. When your property looks better – it is more valuable. Our tree planting service is ideal for those looking to nurse a tree into maturity from a seedling or if you need mature tree planting.

Trees bring life into a neighborhood or onto a property like nothing else. So, if you are looking to liven up your landscape and reap the ecological benefits of having a tree around – get in touch with our team today.

If you are curious about how Grover Landscape & Design could help you change the scenery on your property, we are happy to schedule a meeting with you for a tree planting planning consultation. We will discuss what you are trying to achieve with the trees you'd like to plant, and we will apply our knowledge to your situation, offering guidance and suggestions along the way.

From noise reduction to more shade in the summertime, trees make life better – so please, if you'd like to make your life better with trees, get in touch with us.

Improve the Health of Your Habitat with Tree Planting

Having trees around is an advantage for everyone. They make people feel better when in their presence. They provide a welcoming and calm atmosphere for all and give a sense of privacy or a well-needed shade from the sun.

If you are looking to add some natural character to your property, planting a tree could be the ultimate solution. We will help you choose and go over the pros and cons of any tree we can plant.

With expert foresight and many years of experience with trees, we can let you know what to expect throughout the entirety of the tree's lifespan. Different trees have different qualities and needs. We will let you know all the information you need to know, so you know how to treat your tree in the early days of its lifespan for the best outcome.

If the habitat around your property is out of balance, planting the right tree can bring things back to an even keel. Trees are nature's great overseers and will benefit their surrounding habitat by being there. So, if you've been thinking about adding a tree to your property – you probably should!

Give us a call today if you have any questions, and we will show you how trees on your property more having is a great benefit for everyone.

Tree Benefits

Beyond improving moods and emotions, trees enhance the health of their environment. Foliage can defend people against excess pollutants, sunlight, and even noise. They will provide your property with many beautiful shapes and colors to enjoy.

From an environmental perspective, trees naturally clean the air around us free of charge. A single mature tree can absorb 48 pounds of carbon dioxide a year, so the more trees around you, the better life is. Contact our team if you have been thinking about getting a tree planted today.

When one considers the extent to which a tree can directly enhance one's surroundings in as many ways as they do, it's hard to see why one wouldn't want a tree from Grover Landscape & Design in their yard. Just contact one of our tree experts today, and we will let you know what to do.

Long-Term Tree Care and Maintenance

If we plant your tree, we are there to help you care for it as well. We know that our thorough expertise in tree health will ensure you have the confidence to take care of your growing tree properly without concern of damaging it. Of course, we can help with periodical checkups on the tree to see how it is faring, but overall, trees are pretty resilient and will take care of themselves for the most part.

Our tree health services are always at your disposal. If you've been meaning to speak with a tree expert lately, we are the team to come to. We love helping clients with their tree inquiries and problems. As tree health experts, if you are facing troubles with your tree's health, we can help you troubleshoot. Once the problem has been located, we will put the right steps in place for the better future health of your tree.

Tree Health

Knowing how to take care of trees properly and understanding their needs is not common sense. But, as certified tree experts, we can help you solve nearly any tree problem if it is not already too far gone.

We are experts in locating tree diseases. If you think you have spotted something at all wrong with your tree, it's best to contact us right away because tree disease can spread like wildfire to other trees in the area.

Tree Advice

You are hiring us for our expertise, and that's what you'll get. So whether you're deciding which tree to plant or how to take better care of it, we are the team to turn to whenever you need advice.

Here at Grover Landscape & Design, we love trees and want to ensure the trees in your life are healthy and flourishing at all times.

Contact our team today if you have been thinking about planting trees on your property.

Important Factors in Tree Planting

Grover Landscape & Design’s qualified arborists work closely with clients to achieve their goals and carefully consider many factors before planting, including:

  • Overhead power lines and other obstructions
  • Soil depth, pH, and texture
  • Climate conditions
  • Root restrictions
  • Suitable species
  • Light exposure
  • Soil Drainage
  • Wind exposure
  • Canopy space

There Is Always a Good Reason to Plant a New Tree

Whether you have just purchased a new property, are looking to create more shade, and wish to add some natural beauty to your landscape in Idaho Falls, our qualified work crew can review the many options for installing the right tree that matches your vision.

Trees are as beautiful as they are helpful. With everyone focusing more and more on the overall health of the environment these days, it can easily be argued that there are more benefits to planting one than not planting one on your property. A big tree won't be able to fit just anywhere on your property, but not all trees are big, and we can help you choose the right place for any tree you choose.

Evaluation From Certified Arborists

Grover Landscape & Design’s certified arborists offer thorough assessments of your property in consultation with our landscape designer and the top quality nurseries in Idaho Falls. All Grover Landscape & Design tree planting is carried out according to strict arboriculture guidelines. Warranty and ongoing maintenance packages are also available.

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