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Commercial Garden Design

First impressions are everything. You only get one shot to impress new clients, after all. Once you’ve won them over with your business prowess, your mission becomes keeping their business, which includes maintaining that image of success that attracted them to your establishment in the first place.

If what’s in plain sight isn’t taken care of, what message does that send to potential clients? Simply put, it says that if you can’t be bothered to take care of what’s visible, what is the state of things behind the scenes?

No matter what your business is, keeping the green space around your property is essentially to sustaining the image of success and professionalism that you have worked hard to create. A tidy and well-maintained garden emphasizes to clients that you are in charge, and that you will be able to handle their affairs with a high degree of skill.

Beautiful Commercial Gardens

When your business involves interacting with the public, how you present yourself is integral to your success. Many people don’t realize how important a garden or manicured lawn is, but it sends a strong message that you’re ready to do business.

At Grover Landscape & Design, we understand that business owners have a lot on their plate; between marketing your business, training new staff and ensuring everything is running smoothly, your garden is likely the last thing on your mind. At Grover Landscape & Design, we dedicate ourselves fully to making your garden grow, all so your business can too!

We’ve worked hard over the years to establish ourselves as the top choice for commercial garden design, so when you work with us you’re working with the best in town! Even though we’ve grown in popularity however, we still guarantee the same high level of customer care we promised from the very start. With Grover Landscape & Design, your satisfaction is paramount. We aren’t satisfied with how your garden looks until you are too.

Installation and Maintenance of Commercial Gardens

Why go through all the steps to get that perfect garden if after it’s completed nothing is done to maintain it? For the busy business owner, Grover Landscape & Design’s maintenance services are a great way to keep your garden looking its best.

Grover Landscape & Design’s professional landscapers can either give you a comprehensive rundown of how to care for your new commercial garden, or we can set up a customized maintenance schedule based on your needs. We want your garden to thrive long into the future, and with our expert attention we guarantee it will.

Because we work with you to create the garden that best suits your schedule, if you’re interested in doing your own upkeep we will take the time to find you lower-maintenance plants, so you don’t have to dedicate a ton of your valuable time to their wellbeing.

Garden Design Ideas That Enhance Property Value

Your commercial property's exterior property appearance will sway how customers perceive your business. A beautifully designed garden will positively impact your brand.

Here are garden design ideas that will also enhance your property value:

  • Incorporate hardscaping elements like pathways, retaining walls, and water features
  • Create outdoor living spaces with seating areas, pergolas, or gazebos
  • Utilize strategic lighting to highlight architectural elements and landscaping
  • Plant a variety of tree species, shrubs, and perennials for year-round interest
  • Incorporate edible plants like fruit trees, herbs, or vegetable gardens

Commercial Garden Designs for Small Yards

If you have a small property, you can incorporate a strategically designed garden to help it stand out and appear bigger.

Here are some great ideas to expand yards on the smaller size:

  • Vertical gardening with trellises, hanging baskets, or living walls
  • Raised garden beds for better use of space
  • Incorporate container gardening with decorative planters
  • Utilize space-saving design elements like built-in seating or water features
  • Create the illusion of depth with strategic plant placement and hardscaping

What Are Some Low Maintenance Garden Design Options?

If you don't have the time to maintain a garden and don't want to outsource the tasks to a landscaper, your best bet is to design a low-maintenance garden.

Consider the following:

  • Sustainable plantings
  • Incorporate native plants adapted to the local temperature, climate, and soil conditions
  • Use drought-tolerant plants and xeriscaping techniques to reduce water usage
  • Weed and moisture control techniques
  • Implement mulching to suppress weeds and retain moisture
  • Choose low-growing groundcovers instead of high-maintenance lawns
  • Efficient Irrigation
  • Automate irrigation systems with smart controllers and drip irrigation

When Is the Best Time to Plant a Garden?

The best time to plant a garden depends on your location and climate. Generally, it's recommended to plant during the spring or fall when temperatures are relatively mild, and the risk of frost has passed or not yet arrived. However, some plants may thrive better when planted during specific seasons. It's essential to research the optimal planting times for the specific plants you want and consider factors like soil temperature, rainfall patterns, and daylight hours.

Our garden designers will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your yard, taking into account the current season and local climate conditions. Based on our expert knowledge, we’ll carefully select the most suitable plants to incorporate into your garden design, ensuring optimal growth and flourishing results throughout the year.

What's the Cost to Hire a Garden Designer?

The cost of hiring a garden designer is relatively affordable but will fluctuate based on individual client requirements and property conditions. Factors that affect the prices are the size and requirements of the project, the designer's experience and reputation, the location, and the scope of services required.

Some designers charge an hourly rate, while others may quote a flat fee or a percentage of the overall project cost. Discussing the pricing structure upfront is essential to preparing for the project. We'll conduct an assessment to help us draft an accurate, detailed quote for your needs.

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