Sodding in Idaho Falls

Are you looking to boost your property's curb appeal while also adding to the health of your landscape? If so, the sodding professionals at Grover Landscape & Design are the ones to call. With swift sod installations and an eco-friendly emphasis, we bring out the absolute best in properties.

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Savvy Homeowners Love our Sod

If you want to grow a lawn from grass seed, you're going to need a lot of time and a lot of patience—and that's just the beginning. Our suggestion? Work with sod installation experts like those found at our landscaping company. We don't just supply eye-catching sod—we also prepare your property for the installation. Our start-to-finish approach ensures the sod succeeds in reviving your lawn.

Our straightforward and no-nonsense approach promises nothing short of the finest results.

Say Goodbye to Weeds

No property owner likes to deal with weeds on a property. They sap the soil of valuable nutrients, and they are quite the eyesore, too. Prior to laying down our quality sod, we will thoroughly weed the property. We won't just clip or trim the weeds, either. We go to great lengths to ensure those weeds remain out of slight. We will also remove any old grass to give the new lawn a fresh and uniform look.

Let Us Handle the Irrigation

Your new sod needs to be looked after. Never fear, our landscape professionals will oversee the installation and configuration of a new irrigation set up if needed. With us handling the sprinkler setup, you will never have to worry about your new grass lacking in water.

The excellent service doesn't stop there. We will also:

  • • Amend the soil
  • • Grade the lawn's soil
  • • Properly dispose of old sod
  • • And more

If you want to acquire the lawn you've always wanted without devoting an entire growing season to meticulous lawn care, you're going to need to contact us.

Fresh Sod for You

Why is sod such a sought after service? Fresh sod dramatically increases the curb appeal of any private or commercial residence. The brilliant, thriving grass makes your outdoor space more inviting for you and your guests. Plus, if you are having any erosion problems, a strong layer of sod might be just the trick you need to maintain the excellence of your landscaping. Want to know more about sod projects with Grover Landscape & Design?

The Preliminary Step for Sodding Projects

There are three main obstacles that can put a major wrench in any sod or re-sod project:

  • • Irrigation systems
  • • Pipes
  • • Utility lines

The presence of these systems doesn’t present a problem if they are buried at least 18 inches deep. To make your project runs smoothly, our team will do a preliminary check of your yard. Should we find anything of note, we’ll let you know and work with you to find a solution. We complete this step whether you need entirely new sod or are replacing old sod.

What Is Our Sodding and Re-Sodding Procedure?

If you are new to sod, it helps to understand the general process and the labor involved. After years of service, we have refined our process to the following steps:

  • • Remove Existing Lawn: It’s important to start fresh with sod, so we’ll remove any existing sod and lawn components.
  • • Tilling: We need to loosen between 4 and 6 inches of earth to lay quality sod.
  • • Clean Debris: During the first two steps, we typically uncover rocks, clods and weeds. At this point, we’ll go back and collect debris and clean the area.
  • • Soil Additives: If your soil needs a boost, we may add compost or a curated soil mix that’ll get the most from your sod.
  • • Leveling: We’ll smooth the sod area with a rake to make sure it is level enough.
  • • Fertilizer: To give you sod the best chance possible, we lay a topical layer of fertilizer before installation.
  • • Installing the Sod: We’ll put the sod pieces in place and look over our work to avoid gaps.

Sod Installation Made Simple

The sod installation process might seem complex from a distance, but we manage to make it look quite straightforward. We credit our streamlined approach to our years of unrivaled experience. Countless homeowners and commercial property owners look to us when they're in need, and we never disappoint.

We Value Your Time

We take a considerate approach to the installation process. When we arrive on-site, we immediately set ourselves to work. We do not rest until we have completed the installation—or until we have received your approval. What's more, we always manage to arrive at the premises at the agreed-upon time, too. 

Whether you are looking for manageable installation rates, on-time service, or a wide selection of climate-appropriate grasses, we are the ones to work with. We want you to reap all the benefits

Popular Sod Types

The best type of sod for you will depend on where you are located and what kind of climate you live in. Even within Idaho Falls, some homes may be better suited to warm or cool climate grass due to their lawn’s sub exposure. Some popular sod types include:

  • • Kentucky Bluegrass is ideal for anyone living in a cool environment. The grass is pretty touch when it comes to a harsh winter freeze.
  • • Fine Fescue is popular for homeowners living in moderately cool areas. It has a high drought tolerance and relatively low maintenance.
  • • Bermuda Grass does well in warm climates as the name suggests. It’s no stranger to drought and doesn’t need much maintenance.
  • • St. Augustine is best for areas with high degrees of sun exposure. While it’s resistant to droughts, it actually has moderate to high water consumption in an ideal environment.

There are many types of sod available to you. Do you know which type of grass you would like on your lawn, or do you want suggestions? Let us know.

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