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Winterberry Holly

Add character to your landscape with the Winterberry Holly. 

Winterberry Holly
Ilex verticillata
Zone: 4
Height: 5-10’
Width: 5-10’ 

 Add character and color to your landscape this year with the Winterberry Holly.  The Winterberry Holly is a beautiful, deciduous shrub that makes for a great winter specimen.  The plant is exactly what we need in this area where winter lasts a good 4 or 5 months out of the year.   

 The Winterberry Holly is a dioecious shrub.  This means that you need both a male and female plant to cross-pollinate.  The Female has bright red berries while the male does not.  If you do not have a male to pollinate the female, the female will also loose its berries.  That is why its important to mass males and females together.  For example you would want to have 1 male for every 5 or 6 females massed together.

 The Winterberry Holly also produces little white flowers in early June.  While these flowers are not especially showy, they still add character and color to your landscape.  The Winterberry Holly is a very easy care plant that can also be very adaptable.  It can be planted in full sun or partially shaded areas.  Although the more sun the more berries it produces. It is a plant that will bring you and onlookers satisfaction.